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Plé Municipal

The Plenary, composed of all the Councilors and chaired by the Mayor, has, among others, the following functions:

  • The control and control of the governing bodies.
  • Agreements on participation in supra-municipal organizations.
  • The alteration of the municipal term. Change of name of the Municipality and the adoption or modification of your flag, teach or coat of arms.
  • The approval of urban plans in the terms established by law, municipal and fiscal regulations, municipal budgets and accounts, forms of management of services. Agree credit operations, in the cases provided by law; The contracting of works, services and supplies whose duration exceeds one year or require credits higher than those included in the budget.
  • The approval of the staff and the relation of jobs.
  • The alteration of the legal classification of the goods of the municipality.
  • The acquisition of assets and rights when their value exceeds 10 per 100 of the ordinary resources of the budget and, in any case, when it exceeds three million euros, as well as the inheritance of assets in the supposed ones prescribed by the law.