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Natural Park "La Marjal"

La Marjal Pego-Oliva is located between the provinces of Alicante and Valencia. The middle west belongs to Pego (Alicante) and half east to Oliva (Valencia). In this space there are dunes, meshes, rivers and cultivated areas.

Planol de la marjal

This protected natural area has a dune system that extends south of the Serpis River. It is made up of palustrine and rice fields. In the Marjal, the samaruc (Valencia hispanica) or the “colmilleja” (Moroccan Cobitis) is characteristic, as well as the common turtle (Emys orbicularis).

Among the flora there are species such as mesas with tarais (Tamarix gallica) and rhinos, canyissars (Phragmites sp) and underwater vegetation. On the other hand, the fauna is made up of shrimp (Dugastella Valentina, Paleomonetes zariquieyi and Athyaephyra desmaresti) or the Antenotis (Anodota cygnea and Unite mancus), among other species.

In the vicinity of the Natural Park is Fuente Salada, which is a spring of hot springs with healing properties for the skin.

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